Postnatal Care Adelaide

Are you overwhelmed with breastfeeding?

Is breastfeeding harder than you expected?

You are NOT alone..

Hundreds of mothers every year tell me “the birth was the easy part, breastfeeding is HARD”

But with support from experienced, compassionate Kate Bergamasco, you’ll be put enjoying your new baby in days

Starting today -Kate will

  • Support with your choice of feeding  (breast, pump or bottle)
  • Relieve your sore nipples, unhappy baby
  • Support you with sleep & settling
  • Debrief your birth experience & physical recovery
  • Provide the shoulder you need for emotional support for you & your partner

And just to top it off,  you may be able to receive Medicare rebates with a referral from your care provider.

1 hour consult $175

Phone consult $85

3 hour consult -in home feed, sleep , calm $500

Full day (6 hours)  in home care for mum and baby $1000

Breastfeeding isnt easy

But with encouragement  and compassion from the comfort of your own home (or by phone) you can be breastfeeding like a pro in no time

In home (or zoom )support for up as long as you need  as you adapt to life with your new baby.

  • Antenatal preparation for breastfeeding (webinar or private session)
  • Sore nipples
  • Low supply
  • Over supply
  • Mastitis

Medicare rebates may be available with a referral from your care provider.

Kate has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant for 25 years

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Certified as a “real”Lacation Consultant

Kate is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant L-49094

Certified Until: 31 December 2028

Frequently Asked Questions

As a lactation consultant, I am known for a very conservative assessment of tongue and lip ties – simply because the evidence (real life quality research) does not support the extensive laser of baby’s tongues.

I am not talking about the obvious frenulum seen without feeling around a baby’s mouth, I’m talking about the “posterior tongue tie” which is currently being diagnosed in a frightening number of babies.

We can all appreciate that despite being “natural” – successful, comfortable breastfeeding can take a little practice to get right. It is important to have your baby fitting well into your breast and body – remember you and your little one are unique!

Breast pumps are readily available in many stores, so I always suggest parents hold off on buying one until after baby is born. It is a big expense for something you might not actually end up using. I can help you feel comfortable on the breast-pump and work out a good schedule if this is what you decide.

I am a big fan of the Haaka silicone breast pump which is very affordable and useful especially in those early days as your supply regulates.

I am not a big fan of breastfeeding pillows as they cause mums to lean forward and feel more uncomfortable. Positioning is so important, and I can show you a range of excellent positions to feed your baby.

This is something we can discuss in your consultation, however generally speaking there is very little research suggesting mums should avoid any foods. You should not try to lose weight by calorie restricting while breastfeeding.

Please book a consultation with me. In the meantime, you will find some helpful posts on my Instagram page. Try not to stress, often undersupply is just a perception. Your bub’s nappies will tell us!

Google Review

After a traumatic birth with my first child (didn’t know any different then) I went and seen Kate to do hypnobirthing and she provided us with so much knowledge to allow myself and my husband to make informed decisions through pregnancy and up to my unexpected induction.

I had the confidence to have open dialogue with my care providers and discuss all options that were right for myself and my baby. I had an amazing delivery at the LMH where we were all on the same page. I highly recommend doing the hypnobirthing course with your partner.

It is far more informative and detailed than the hospital antenatal classes. I still use techniques now in everyday life for my own well-being navigating the hecticness of motherhood.

Melissa Bywater