OMG Im pregnant

OMG Im pregnant, now what?

Pregnancy really is amazing;

You’ve just seen those two little lines on the pregnancy stick, you may even have repeated it again (and maybe a third time just to be sure ).

Finally ,you accept the positive test(S) and begin to feel excited and maybe apprehensive

  • Its really quite incredible that our body somehow begins creating the mass of cells the instant an egg becomes fertilised. There is soooo much going on , before you’ve even had a chance to contemplate .
  • The division of the cells, is happening at an alarming rate to form a placneta , organs, blood supply, genetics all while we sleep,
  • Week-by-Week Journey: Dive into the fascinating changes that occur during each trimester. Discuss fetal development, common symptoms, and self-care tips.
  1. Self-Care and Wellness

  • Nutrition: While your body doesn’t need many more calories through pregnancy, it does need you to maintain a healthy diet, not just for your baby but to support all the changes your body will go through over 9 months.
  •  a balanced diet during pregnancy requires foods from all food groups BUT its tricky during the first trimester when you might be feeling nauseous and struggle to eat some foods. Its not uncommon for mums to crave salty chips and to dislike coffee and healthy salads .Taking a mulit vitamin in the first trimester can help to make up for the lack of balanced diet BUT as soon a syou can maage its best to get all your nutrition form healthy foods with a wide variety of leafy green vegetables
  • Some foods should be avoided due to the risk of salmonella or listeria, soft cheeses and raw fish are amongst foods we advise you avoid
  • Exercise: Whatever exercise you’ve been doing prior to pregnancy, is usually alright to continue , at least at the beginning
  • Some extreme sports may place you at risk of injury, so if you are a weightlifter for example, talk to your care provider/coach/physio
  • Many exercise routines such as walking, swimming, running, yoga, pilates can be maintained but perhaps may need some minor changes.
  • In fact continuing (or beginning) low impact exercise can be highly beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing while also preparing your body for the demands of labour-which we often suggest is the “biggest workout of your life”
  • Exercise can also reduce the impact of hormones during pregnancy, such as improving bowel motion and therefore reducing constipation
  • Research is also showing that mothers who develop GESTATIONAL DIABETES, actually have better blood sugar control when they exercise .

Mental Health: Many mums may struggle with anxiety and sometimes antental depression.This can be due to hormones , changing body image and

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