Your amazing uterus

Did you know your uterus goes from the size and shape of a pear before pregnancy, to the size and shape of a watermelon when you’re full term!?

At this point it is arguably the strongest muscle in the human body.

It’s during labour though when the uterus really shows its incredible muscle strength; as it helps encourage the cervix to dilate, and then ease your baby out.

Uterine contractions are so powerful it is actually possible for an unconscious mother to deliver a baby without actively pushing. How incredible is that!

In my Hypnobirthing classes, I teach two different styles of breathing to use during labour so you can work with your uterus; first to keep relaxed and then to encourage baby’s descent. It’s nothing like you see in the movies!

By minimising fear and releasing tension from your body you CAN have a positive birth experience.

Youll learn about just how amazing your body is during your positive birthing class

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