Attachment is the key to comfortable feeding

Why do my nipples hurt?

Why do i have nipple pain when i breastfeed?

Poor attachment is the MOST common reason mums experience nipple pain -Unfortunately mums commonly  experience a wide range of advice on how to get their baby attached to the breast and many of the techniques used, actually contrinute to the problems .

We need to remember that your baby intinctively know how to breast feed.

Babys are born with a “rooting reflex” and “sucking reflex”.

These reflexes ensure that if a baby was placed on a mumas chest, he/she would know how to find the breast and attach .

Over the past few decades we (midwives) have been taught numerous ways to “help” mums and babys and in doing so have interfered with the natural order.

In defence of midwives , some of this has come about because of hospital pressure to make sure babys feed within a set time .

Correct attachment

When mums sit comfortably cradling baby, both mum and baby relax and enjoy the feed time

In this photo above, mum has cradled her baby toward the breast and she experiences a comfortable and relaxed feed

You may notice mum IS NOT using a feeding pillow

Mums shoulders are relaxed

Baby looks up toward mum, her head relaxes back on mums forearm


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