Hypnobirthing Induction

A spontaneous onset of labour and a drug-free uninterrupted birth is the aim of many Hypnobirthing couples, but we also aim to prepare parents for the very relevant and necessary reasons for induction of labour.

One of the most satisfying aspects of teaching Hypnobirthing is when a second or third-time couple attend my classes aiming for a better experience than they’ve ever had before.

Most of these experienced parents will tell first-timers how wise they are attending our class before their first birth

Gia and Luke came to my class in the Nick of time before needing an induction for their little boy whose growth had slowed.

Thanks Kate! A huge thank you too for your hypnobirthing training…it honestly got me through! ?I was amazed at how different it made the experience for me.

Although I had to be induced which  which wasn’t what I had hoped for but , I was able to use the techniques throughout. I listened to the affirmations in my headphones and had an eye mask/patch on to block out all distractions.

I was coping really well until my waters were broken (which was so painful!) and surges were instantly then on top of each other. I was told I was only 3cm at that point my waters were broken so I called for an epidural thinking I’d be hours off delivery…within an hour I had gone to 10cm so basically the needle had just gone in when I said I needed to push! He was out before the epidural had a chance to kick in, so I’m very proud of how I got through with just the hypnobirthing.

I’m annoyed I called for the epidural in hindsight because I’d been doing so well. I guess you never know how quickly or slowly things will progress though and having my waters broken really disturbed my zen!

Being induced was definitely the right move for us though as Harvey was only 2.6kg at birth and my placenta had started to calcify. Better out than in in his case. 

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