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OMG Im pregnant, now what?

Pregnancy really is amazing; You’ve just seen those two little lines on the pregnancy stick, you may even have repeated it again (and maybe a third time just to be sure ). Finally ,you accept the positive test(S) and begin to feel excited and maybe apprehensive Its really quite incredible that our body somehow begins […]

How to have an active birth

How to have an active birth An active birth is often the key to achieving a vaginal birth with less need for pharmacological pain relief. Your body i built for birth but with impact of TV, internet and medical involvement in this natural process, society has lost perspective.We see so many dramatic birth, we hear […]

Your amazing uterus

  Did you know your uterus goes from the size and shape of a pear before pregnancy, to the size and shape of a watermelon when you’re full term!? At this point it is arguably the strongest muscle in the human body.  It’s during labour though when the uterus really shows its incredible muscle strength; as […]