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My baby is gassy and has squirty poo !

Gassy baby

Squirty poo and a gassy baby often go hand in hand

So often I see mums with baby’s around 3-4 weeks old and they tell me – “my baby is gassy , has squirts poo and seems to be hungry all the time “

The mums will often worry that their baby seems so want to feed ALL the time , they seem to be unsatisfied and won’t settle unless being held .

It’s confusing because on one hand they are feeding baby lots of, they seem to have plenty of milkBUT the baby just isn’t happy !

The big clue – is the nappy – if there’s loads of wet nappies and lots of poop – then there must be plenty of milk going in.

We begin bay talking through what has made them feel as though baby isn’t getting enough

I’ll often show them an article which explains how some mums who have an “oversupply “ can actually mistakingly believe they don’t have enough milk.

As they read through the article – they’ll often nod , agreeing it’s sounding so familiar. The baby who feeds often , cries and passes loads of gas ( farts ) .

Fortunately I can often help them with just one or two calls or visits .

We look at positioning and ensuring that bubs decided when he or she has had enough from one side before switching sides

Some mums also struggle with their baby pulling on and off the breast – this seems to be associated with the technique of attachment- forcing baby’s head into the breast while the let down reflex is often overwhelming

If you are struggling with these symptoms – let me know

Even if we can’t meet in person – I may be able to help you soon with a phone / video consult