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Be THE most supportive birth partner ever

Be THE most supportive birth partner ever

Many partners feel as though pregnancy and birth is a time where all the attention is focused on the mother growing her little bundle .Partners can often feel as though they are on the outside and dont know what thie role is .

In fact your role IS vital- you can make such a difference to a mothers experience of labour and you can set yourself up to be the person she attributes to her amazing experience (no matter how her birth pans out)

By being involved and knowledgeable , she will likley brag about how amazing you were in supporting her through a very challenging but rewarding day .

One of the best things about hypno-birthing classes , is that partners report they gained confidence and knowledge which wa snot available through the hospital classes.

  1. Educate Yourself: Knowledge is power. Learn about the stages of labor, comfort measures, and your partner’s birth preferences. Attend hypno-birthing childbirth classes together if possible.
  2. Stay Calm and Positive: Your calm demeanor can be contagious. Encourage and reassure your partner throughout the process. During my hypno-birthing classes we will cover many tools including ” positive affirmations” which help you adjust your mindset and your partners
  3. Advocate for her wishes : Be familiar with your partner’s birth plan and preferences. Communicate these to the maternity team and help ensure they’re respected unless medically necessary.
  4. Provide Physical Comfort: Offer massage, counter-pressure, or help with breathing techniques. A simple light touch or holding hands can also be comforting.During hypnobirthing classes we will show you both light touch and accupressure points
  5. Keep her  Hydrated and Nourished: Offer water and snacks as allowed. Labor can be exhausting, and staying hydrated and fueled is important.
  6. Create a Relaxing Environment: Dim the lights, play soothing music, or use aromatherapy if desired. Help your partner find a comfortable position.
  7. Be Present: Your emotional support is invaluable. Listen actively, offer encouragement, and be there every step of the way.
  8. Stay Informed: Keep updated on the progress of labor and ask questions if something isn’t clear. This shows your commitment to being involved and informed.
  9. Be Flexible: Birth plans may need to  change, if  unexpected situations  arise. Be adaptable and supportive of decisions made for the well-being of your partner and baby.
  10. Celebrate Together: Once your baby arrives, share in the joy and celebrate this special moment as a team. Your support doesn’t end with labor; being a supportive partner continues into the postpartum period as well.

When you attend my hypno-birthing/positive birth preparation classes either online or in person-you and your partner will gain knowledge tools and confidence to meet the challenges and triumphs of birth


How to have an active birth

How to have an active birth

An active birth is often the key to achieving a vaginal birth with less need for pharmacological pain relief.

Your body i built for birth but with impact of TV, internet and medical involvement in this natural process, society has lost perspective.We see so many dramatic birth, we hear so many traumatic stories and medical science crates such a fear , that we have lost perspective.

In fact research shows that women who are well informed about how the female body , hormones and environment work in sync, have more positive bieth outcomes than women who only receive standard childbirth education.

What is the difference ?

In standard childbirth classes, women are informed about medications, procedures and hospital policies.

Information is often presented in such a way that women and partners feel they dont have choices about procedures.

STaff are employed by the hospital and therefore the content is dictated by the organization.

Independant childbirth classes

Provide evidence based, natural   , positive and empowering information.Couples are provided with more infomration on how the hormones worlk with the body to promote natural labour.

Youll recive information about different positions, breathing techniques, accupressure points and undrstand how they work with your body to promote natural birth

Accupre4ssure pointslight touchPr4essure points help labour

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